Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to most of your questions can be found by studying the site. However, below is a selection of questions and answers which will avail you of necessary information before making contact with Domina Liza.

Q. Where do sessions take place?
A. In a discreet location in the Derby area.

Q. Is there a dedicated dungeon?
A. Yes, this is a custom built room equipped with the highest quality furniture and equipment.

Q. How do I address you prior to a session being arranged?
A. Domina Liza, or Liza will be fine. I am not your Mistress, Ma’am or any other title until we have established communication to that effect.

Q. When is the Domina available?
A. Domina Liza is available weekdays, weekends and evenings subject to advance booking. Some same day appointments are occasionally available. Session times are generally between 10am and 9pm.

Q. Will there be time for pre/post session talk/synopsis?
A. Yes, and with a cup of tea, coffee or water if required.

Q. How discreet are the premises?
A. Completely discreet and detached in a residential area.

Q. Will there be other clients waiting?
A. Absolutely not. Domina Liza does not operate a ‘Revolving Door’ policy.

Q. I have a disability/medical complaint – is this a problem?
A. No, as long as they are clearly outlined pre-session.

Q. Am I too old/young to attend?
A. As long as you are over 18, no. Domina Liza regularly enjoys sessioning with submissives of all ages.

Q. What is the Tribute?
A. Sessions start from £90 – full details on Sessions page