It has been a while since I wrote my first testimonial for Domina Liza. During this time there has been much pain inflicted but great fun was had by all (perhaps the fun was a little one-sided!).

Domina Liza has particular favourites amongst her arsenal of sadistic instruments – stinging nettles which have their own lingering discomfort on sensitive areas, the ‘yellow peril’ that is the cattle prod which delivers a hefty kick and that innocuous Finalgon cream that has a lead-in time of 30 seconds to a minute before its burning heat kicks in (and then lasts for a good half hour or more).

This is, of course, still only a small selection of what this Mistress may choose to inflict on you and she does most certainly know what is best for you! For instance, I didn’t know that I had made a mistake on my list of interests and limits regarding CP, as it seems that I do take this! There are certain implements that I have currently been spared, but this serves to instil a certain amount of fear for each session as I wonder if a casual question or comment may lead to more than I bargained for.

Domina Liza discovered a new torture that I was the guinea pig for, a first for 10 years, the application of incense sticks. The beauty of these is that they can precisely burn genital, nipples and other areas and they make the dungeon smell nice rather than the smell of a burning slave as other heat sources do. I believe that other slaves of hers have benefited from this idea since.

It was nearly a year ago that Domina Liza had a significant birthday and part of her celebrations was to use that number as her count during the torments of her slaves…I can still recall vividly the 50 vicious clamps that adorned my genitals. Seeing her artwork in the mirror was quite a sight, how could so much metal be attached in such a sensitive area? Additional weights which were added and then the whole structure being “gently” tapped with Mistress’s boot did not help my predicament. Spare a thought for their removal, it had taken quite a while to attach that number of clamps and by the time the last one was attached the first was well bedded down and biting quite nastily – each one was a tortuous event to remove. The smile on Domina Liza’s face made it all worthwhile though and it was her birthday celebration!

Now I come to the very recent, exciting play that Domina Liza has to offer – her woodland experiences. There is something about being outside and naked that heightens the feeling of exposure, helplessness and vulnerability – and this is before any restraints have been applied! This fact is not lost on Domina Liza and she made this very clear to me as I stood before her. Dressed as she was head to toe in black and me with not even some latex to give a bit of cover the dynamic of where the full control lay was painfully (soon to literally painfully) clear. My other thought was the weather, it could rain and if I was tied to a tree or staked out on the ground would Domina Liza stop and release me or continue? I didn’t have to think about that for long!

The proceedings began with me tied to a low branch and a caning and flogging administered. The command to ‘open your legs’ during the flogging signalled a variation on this and a degree of hanging from the bindings after it. You would think that the next idea of a simple, short walk is fairly innocuous until the details are made clear – hooded with restricted vision, genitals are adorned with clamps, weights are also applied here followed by a short clip to the ankle cuffs and finally my hands were tied in front of me to be led by Mistress. It was a slow process over uneven ground, uncomfortable to walk on and forced to tread on spiked plants growing across the path. All the time the genital clamps are biting and the weights swing as you walk. When this was over it was a great relief when Mistress “gently” removed the clamps for me!

The experience of being spread-eagled and staked out on the ground is one I have had before, but it is one that is both exciting and of being extremely exposed. Domina Liza wired me up to her electrical box and promptly began to test my limits to the strength and variety of the shocks being delivered. I may be completely wrong, but it seemed that those that didn’t elicit a suitable groan or scream were not kept on for long and those that had a stronger, tortuous reaction were resumed. This is a position that could have so many possibilities for a sadistic mind to exploit to cause suffering, no doubt one that will be returned to on a future visit to the woods. Some of you may be thinking why no stinging nettles? Sadly there just weren’t any on this day!

Before we left a few interesting positions to be tied up were found, however, I think that now it will be a wait until spring next year and the weather is suitable for the woods (I hope that it is not a rash conclusion of mine that Domina Liza is not going to use outdoors until then?)

As time goes on the wonderful Domina Liza continues to create new fantasies in her own unique style. Her cruelty is growing it seems, most definitely when she knows the slave she has before her well and that slave’s limits need to be tested further, expanded just a little each time. When you are that slave, it is your session, how can you not suffer to see that (sadistic) smile of pleasure she has when she hears you groan and scream? If your pain seems too much to ask for her pleasure (it is not of course) then you still have to ‘pay’ for the vision of the dominatrix that you see before you as you remain securely restrained…the elegance of Domina Liza whether she be dressed in equestrian attire, leather, my favourite latex or something else entirely…surely a little torture is worth that?

Shiny Rubber Toy

Domina Liza welcomed me with a kind smile. The atmosphere was elegant and there was signs of fierce confidence in each and every corner of the room. She patiently listened to some of my secrets and decided to take the adequate measures about them. Of course She looked dazzling, wearing a silk robe, delicate stockings and shiny high heels. Noticing that her outfit hypnotized me, She thought about a little game and ordered me to dress something similar. From that moment on her spell was inevitable. To start serving Her, I was allowed to paint Her fingernails; did my best but nervously. During the disciplinary process, Domina Liza found out more things about me and explored them. I was ordered to pay attention to my posture and take positions so She could examine my body. It was not easy to please Her, being strict and instructive at the same time. Like a kinky ballet class for a naughty boy. From the start She knew I was very shy and maybe a virgin, and took some pitty from my innocence. Nevertheless, after being feminized and failed to reach perfection, it was time to go upstairs: pain and a more rigorous control should be added to complete this first cycle.

As Her heels touched the floor, every step brought me shivers to my spine. What would She do to me in the other room? The punishment room. Through an Empress’ move, Domina Liza aloowed me to Her chamber. Completely nude, gagged and collared I hesitantly layed on all fours on the “horse”. The cold leather didn’t ease the my body heat, so She turned the air conditioning on (for Her, of course but She was tender enough to ask me about it). After being restrained the Queen administered my buttcocks by hand and crop. After few strokes they were almost as red as Her beautiful hair, more of a pink though. Although being a slave, I also have specific aestethetics ambitions during play, and She had fun with my tendency to point my own toes. She thought they should look like that all the time…just a plus task to please Her. I was so excited and wet, driping on that special furniture and was fairly reprehended for it. Next procedure was also challenging, concerning performance.

On my knees and hands back, suddenly Domina Liza introduced me to her big black cock and strapon. She told me I would like it and recalled that good submissive boys sometimes are rewarded with an approach to Her divine Feet. I would do anything to be near them and She knew it well. Conducted and encouraged, I was aproved on beginner level, licking and sucking as deep as I could. Anyway, there was a long journey ahead until I would be ready to perform favors for men adequatelly, if that could be of use for Her in a given circunstance. Perhaps only to amuse her. Didn’t mention She has the most delicious classy laugh in England.

I was lucky in that sunshiny day. Still kneeling on the wodden floor, had the privilege to look, smell, caress and kiss her absolutely soft Feet. Dare to say She had a bit of pleasure with it. Finally I was permited to release and collapsed on the floor in ecstasy. After that we talked about the session and She asked me sensitive questions. What a delight. After years watching her from an ocean of distance, I felt the perfume of Her soles, the smothness of Her skin, watched Her gentle gestures: like someone unique who knows the power She naturally holds. Thank You Your Highness for a very second I was in Your presence.

i would like to thank you once again for allowing me to come to your home and submit to you on Thursday afternoon.

i really felt comfortable in your company and with your style as a DomIna. From the moment you led me into your lounge to discuss the session i found your really friendly & relaxed nature helped remove any nerves i had, but even then i knew you would demand respect and reverence. As soon as we went upstairs to your play-space and the session started i knew i had made the correct decision to contact you. You looked absolutely fantastic in your outfit and those loverly shoes. i guess you realised about my love for heels very quickly.

In fact, i think you worked out a lot about my fetishes so very quickly. i always knew my nipples were sensitive but as they are quite small i’d never had any nipple play/torture before. i am now so glad it’s something you enjoy and wanted to pursue. Who’d have though my nipples were a button, or should i say 2 buttons to my erection. The pin wheels where new sensation i had never experienced before either, but boy have i missed out. The pain was, dare i say very pleasurable, both on my nipples and cock & balls.

i don’t think i have ever been so immobile as when you had me strapped tightly to your bondage chair. Looking at the image of myself in your mirror, while gagged and with all those orchid clips on my cock & balls was so exciting and scary all at the same time especially when you sat down on my knee and started to play with the clips on my nipples knowing full well that it would start to make me erect once again and make the clips pinch even more. i am so glad i was able to withstand it all and get the treat of been allowed to worship all the way along your seams from your heels.

i can tell from your website and videos that you are a natural disciplinarian so was slightly worried you might get carried away with my CP but was relieved that you clearly punished me well within yourself.

Because everything you did was so good it feels kind of wrong to choose just one bit as my favourite part of our session but having you stood towering over me and trampling on my cock and balls was very possibly it. Again this was new for me in a session, so thank you for introducing me to that too. The feeling of you pressing your heel down was amazing.

Time seemed to stand still while in the session, it was that amazing and i wished it could have gone on longer but was glad of my release at the end after not having cum for a number of weeks.

i hope this email was not too long but i am just reliving Thursday again and want you to know that i really, really enjoyed every bit of our time together and i hope you too was able to enjoy it.

Urtication…of course a lot of people would understand the more vulgar reference ‘nettle play’. This is what I experienced at a recent session with Domina Liza (Mistress) who is an expert in all that she does. I recently visited (not the first time) and had a mind blowing two hours.Mistress understands my limits but also which boundaries can be pushed and She loves to be sadistic with me while respecting those boundaries. W/e do not have scenarios but Mistress is a Queen at inventing sessions for O/ur mutual enjoyment.Ordering me to strip and present for inspection facing a full size mirror I quickly understand that my cock and bulls are of no sexual interest and that my nipples will quickly wish they had not come with me! Strapped into the bondage chair with cock and balls exposed and vulnerable the tension builds while Mistress puts on leather gloves. Mistress opens a bag and the smell of the nettles can be detected and you know what is coming. The beauty of the nettles is that you never know – you think the biggest will sting the most; but not always. Often the smaller one’s are evil. What you can be sure about is that Mistress will find the one’s that get the most reaction. You can be assured also that the cockhead will be liberally rubbed, equally the cock. The most sensitive are the underside of the testicles and under the foreskin. Mistress know this but also the cockhead is liberally and painfully massaged by the hairs on the underside that are eager to do their duty. The nipples do not escape either. The leaves held between fingers squeezing the nettles or even fixed to the nipples while Mistress plays “downstairs” is deliciously painful and the clamp pain adding to the pain below. I do not know how long was dedicated to this. Maybe 20 minutes, but the stinging will be felt all night and during at least 12 hours. An added blindfold and with the skin hot and in stinging pain, Mistress leaves me a few minutes before returning with Her surprise – ICE. Oh my what agony and cries that delight and incentivise Mistress to increase the pain. No Wartenburg pinwheel this time but maybe next after nettles and ice would be excruciating. The session then turned to other delights but that is another story.

‘Cuck’, France

I live on the South Coast in Sussex make regular use of dominant Mistresses facilities under the alto ego name of Cowboy. Nevertheless,  I have travelled to Derby to  Mistress Liza’s facilities several times in the past few years. One of my principle reasons is the excellence of Mistress Liza’s services. Not only is she extremely attractive, she is sensitive to to my wishes as a client, particularly in regard to my particular fantasy, the school strap.

Briefed in advance prior to my recent visit in August 2019, Mistress greeted me at her door immaculately  turned out in a red teacher’s style top, formal black skirt, black stockings and dark high heeled shoes. She also wore dark thick framed glasses which gave her a particularly severe look, a look which I found very fitting for our planned session.

Mistress Liza is something of an expert in the skill and ownership of the Lochgelly tawse of which she has a good collection of different models. Briefed to start our session from my arrival, Mistress gave chapter and verse regarding the effect of the various thicknesses and tails before proceeding to administer six of the best as if in a school facility. Her commands were clear, concise and controlling.

On completion of our session Mistress Liza appeared in no hurry to see me leave her premises as we chatted for some time regarding future visits of which I intend to make, an intention I will fulfil in spite of the distance.

In short Mistress Liza is a first class dominatrix and in my considerable experience of B and D sessions, I genuinely believe her to be the best in the business.

Cowboy Chris

Slim and outstandingly elegant, Mistress Liza (She is my Mistress now) is a gorgeous Woman and a strict Dominatrix with a special understanding attitude. 

Before meeting Her I was just a guy loaded with his own cravings and fears, endeavoring to quell the passionate urges of his ponyslave nature that lay entrapped in a man’s shape.

It was natural to kneel, naked and exposed, at Her feet, always trying to be prompt, as far as a still untrained animal can be, to get Her commands and do as told. 

She held me on leash and beat me to teach me my place. She broke me to the reins and rode me. You can’t imagine how proud I was, when, on my fours and saddled, I felt the weight of Her beautiful Body on my back . 

Docile and easy, I got the bit in my mouth, drooling a little, meekly waiting for Her to accommodate Herself to the seat and give me the first giddy-up. Next came the jerks that gave me directions, the nasty stings of the riding-crop that stigmatised my faults, the whoas that forced me to halt, according to Her Will and Whims.

I can’t say I like the pain, as a matter of fact I’m not a masochist. But Mistress Liza had the right to do what She liked to do, and She actually did for the rest of our session with a final whipping that left a red arabesqu of marks on my skin. 

I was happy to get Her beatings, since I knew it was for my training and discipline, and I really deserved them.

Palomino, Switzerland

Domina Liza has many excellent talents. Two of hers were remarkable to me were her role playing ability and her genuine natural equestrian experience. This is most certainly a dominant who merely picked a whip or crop in mail order. Unfortunately, we do not seem to have in the U.S. the range of experienced dominants skilled in equestrian fetishes. That is a key area where Liza shines.

If these or related talents are important to you then Liza ought to be our first choice. It certainly will be mine when visiting the UK again.

While she is in high demand and quite selective, I appreciated her helpful email communication to the U.S to set up an appointment. She is also located less than a 15 minute bus journey from Derby mainline train station should you not wish to drive. Being based for a time in London it was worth every mile to have booked her.

A tip when choosing to book: share clearly and openly what your priorities and experience is when seeking a session. This will enhance even more, the mutual experience. Can’t anticipate enough my next trip to England.

I have had a fetish for female domination all my adult life, which means approaching forty years now. After initially trying to ignore this urge, I determined that I would not go to the grave with the thought “What would it have been like?” burning a hole in my head.

Consequently, I have occasionally sought the services of a professional dominatrix during more than twenty years now, mostly in the West Midlands as that was where my work took me, and not in recent years as issues in my personal life have prevented me.

I have for some time been aware of Domina Liza, via her excellent website and social media posts, and had thought to visit her for many years without actually doing so. Fortunately, those personal life issues that had temporarily prevented me from visiting a dominatrix are no more and so today I met Domina Liza at last.

In making the arrangements for the visit on the telephone, I found Domina Liza to be extremely polite, pleasant and professional in conversation. I hope that in part reflects on my own telephone manner but even so I really appreciated how comfortable she was to communicate with.

I confessed my weakness for dominatrices in latex and on arrival Domina Liza greeted me in a latex dress. She is a very attractive lady and looked absolutely stunningly beautiful. I was in at once in rapture and torment.

Domina Liza offered the option of a conversation before the session began, which I appreciated and took her up on as I think communication is important, especially on a first meeting. Again, she made me feel very comfortable in conversation with her and I was struck by how quickly she understood when I tried to explain the exact nature of my perversions.

We went to her very well equipped dungeon room. Domina Liza quickly and effortlessly established our respective roles of dominatrix and slave and the session started.

I won’t go in to blow-by-blow detail about what ensued over the next couple of hours. I had one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. Domina Liza is undoubtedly the finest proponent of the art of the dominatrix that I have ever encountered.

I was particularly struck by her psychological skills. The atmosphere in the room was mind blowing for me throughout. Her control was absolute and achieved  in a quiet and well spoken way, which I love. She has no need to shout or swear to totally dominate you.

Her judgement to push me beyond my comfort zone but not so far that my psychological state of submission broke down was a level above anything that I have encountered before.

I am still buzzing and in a state of mild euphoria this evening. I also have several sore bits to remind me of the experience. Those memories will bring a smile to my face for the rest of my life.

Thank you so much Domina Liza.

The attention of Domina Liza

I am an irregular-regular visitor to Domina Liza, this is because I am not local to her but do ensure I visit whenever I am in her area. I thoroughly enjoy my sessions as they have an interesting range through serious to humour, but have no doubt that the content is pain for yourself and sadistic pleasure for your Mistress!

Her chamber is well equipped to provide a variety of restrained positions and I have found that I have been laid on my back and legs drawn up and spread wide in a trice by her bespoke suspension frame – well designed to get you in a torturable position quickly.

They say variety is the spice of life (no pun intended, but “spicey” substances have been rubbed into sensitive areas on occasions) and each session is unique with her, as I recall from my last session my nether regions were subjected to stinging nettles crushed on them, jolts from her cattle prod (a real one not a zapper), roasting genitals over a candle and finally needles inserted. All in days work.

Finally, Domina Liza is such a nice person to talk to with a friendly chat before and after a session, the latter when you are nursing/licking your wounds as it were. So for any novices out there, I can definitely say how approachable she is and thoroughly recommended, but if more experienced then don’t think it will be an easy time!

Oh, and I should say so well described on her website and for me as a latex lover stunning when so attired!

Shiny Rubber Toy

The heat was building in more ways than one on that first Sunday morning of July. Mistress Liza was looking cool in a strappy black leather bodice and knee boots over a pair of black spandex leggings. As usual she was immaculately made up. I looked into her grey green eyes as we chatted before my session, searching in vain for any hint of her mood. She remained as enchantingly inscrutable as ever.

Upstairs in the dungeon I undressed as she commanded, standing naked before her as she strapped the heavy black leather wrist cuffs into place. She pulled the black leather upholstered bench away from the wall and ordered me to get across it. She mused as to whether I needed to be strapped down before deciding that I did. I felt the wide leather waist belt being pulled across and tightened followed by straps around my thighs and knees. Finally she clipped my wrist cuffs to the vertical front legs of the bench. I was going nowhere, however severe the punishment that she decided upon.

I need not have worried, at least to begin with. Mistress Liza chose to warm me up with six strokes of the tawse. I took them in my stride. The Argentine rebenque strap was a little more challenging. Half a metre of thick cream leather that delivers a heavy, stinging blow. It produced little more than groans of satisfaction from me as once again I handled it with comparative ease.

Now she was beside me, teasing the shaft of a heavy braided tan whip between her outstretched hands. I turned my head to my left, watching her watching me. “Do you know what this is?” Without waiting for my answer she continued. “We are on a tour of the world. Scotland, Argentina…South Africa”.

“The sjambok”, I said quietly. The very name was sufficient to strike fear into even the most seasoned masochist. The original sjambok was made of a single length of rhino hide. This modern reproduction comprised a length of braided leather of well under a metre. Like the woman who now wielded it though size  was no indication of potential to deliver a stunning, mind jumbling blow.

I studied the outline of her slim, neat body as the caressed the leather then returned my gaze to the floor beneath me, resigned to my fate. “You will have three strokes,” she intoned. I felt relief at the relatively light sentence only to be brought back to reality by the first stroke that made me gasp in pain. As the third fell she said “Three more I think.”

Our sessions don’t work along the lines of negotiation. From the outset our deal is based on one simple premise, it’s give and take. Mistress gives me the punishment she chooses and I take it. I would not have it any other way. She shares my feelings on safewords, they would merely undermine the authenticity of her authority over me. I take the second set of three strokes. The tracks of the sjambok remain vivid the following day.

At the time they were instrumental in tipping me into subspace. It’s an odd, dreamy feeling that can persist for hours. It tends to make one less communicative as the endorphins produced in response to the pain numb the senses. Pain is still felt, but is perceived differently, and it’s addictive.

After the sjambok I am suspended by my feet. Hanging inverted I watch the chain disappear up into the ceiling. Suddenly I’m swinging free like some sort of giant pendulum as Mistress casually pushes me to and fro.The red under soles of her knee-high boots move closer and then recede in this surreal upside down world.

Once back on my feet I stand with my wrists bound above my head as Mistress stings my back with a singletail, the strokes criss crossing to form a neat pattern on the flesh. Her nails caress my shoulders, the lightness of their touch contrasting with the delicious cruelty of her whip. I shudder with a simple tactile pleasure that verges upon the orgasmic.

Driving home I contemplate the session as the subspace fades into memory. The stinging of the sjambok strokes will remain a while yet. My thoughts wander to just what it would be like to have it wielded at anything like full force, and whether I would ever have the courage to give a hint that might transfer such a thought to her mind.

I visited Mistress Liza with some trepidation. Although an experienced slave, this was just because of her standing as an internationally famous Mistress, and as a strict disciplinarian. She is so beautiful and elegant that I was drawn as proverbial moth to flame, but her forte is beating and punishing whereas I just need light discipline to keep me focussed. I need not have been concerned, certainly she takes great pleasure in harshbeatings, but she is also quite capable of keeping an obedient sub in order with a little discipline.

She inspected me professionally as one would expect of an experienced owner and took me through my paces over two hours while she assessed my usefulness to her. My deepest satisfaction is in serving my Mistress is making her life comfortable so that she lives as far as possible a life of total luxury. To fade into the background when not in use, to be summoned when required. Simply to serve her obediently. It is hard work for a Mistress breaking in a new slave but I hope that I pleased her.

It was with a little trepidation that I approached the subject of a session with a professional mistress. I’m not a complete novice at this, but for more than twenty years now I have had relationships that allowed me to indulge my foibles. I knew that the prospect was not without the potential pitfalls common to any form of arrangement of this type.

 I saw Domina Liza’s very attractively set out and informative site. Like most aficionados of BDSM I had my own particular ideas of what I wanted. But I did not wish to go down the road of setting out a menu to be followed that I rather feel turns the tables of power exchange and has the potential to destroy the spontaneous authenticity of any session. Naturally initial impressions are based upon the images presented and, certainly from my point of view Liza’s slim, athletic figure and natural elegance combined with her incredibly erotic black leather outfits made her a natural choice.

So I booked a ninety minute session for a Sunday lunchtime. A time normally spent either out walking, or if the weather is inclement with the Sunday Times and a continuous supply of coffee. The distance between us was not a small, a three hour drive each way, but I reasoned that there was no point settling for someone closer if they could not provide the quality that I desired. I filled in the form and sent an e mail giving rough details of what I sought, but stressing that in my case it was important that she took control and steered the session in the direction of her choice, I needed to feel her power driving things.

I need not have worried. We had a short talk on my arrival and then I was invited upstairs to her well appointed dungeon, told to undress and place my clothes in the corner. Mistress, dressed in skin tight black leather jeans over amazing stiletto heeled boots and a matching leather bodice fixed me, spread eagled to her overhead hoist. Moving behind me she selected a leather flogger and proceeded to warm my upper back with a continuous stream of strokes, before moving onto a single tail whip. The whip was more challenging, painful but also pleasurable. The strokes were delivered in a sufficiently purposeful manner that the marks have just faded after five days. Not so the next strokes. I was strapped face down across her leather whipping bench and Mistress chose a cane from her well equipped rack. I was aware of her walking around me, flexing the weapon. Each of her steps on the wooden dungeon floor adding to the tension.

She announced that she likes numbers, and that I would receive twelve strokes. These were delivered moderately hard to the area just above the top crease of my thighs. I think towards the end of the twelve I began to squeal a little. Then she paused and declared that a second twelve would follow. I think that the strokes came a little harder this time, but expertly spaced to achieve the desired effect. Once again my little squeals of pain and pleasure punctuated their execution. Now a third dozen was promised. Again I think slightly more firm than the preceding strokes. Mistress informed me that I would look back on these with the wish that I had taken them harder still, of course she was correct in this. The cane marks are still distinct after five days, a delightful area of purple that is just starting to fade.

I had admitted my apprehension at the thought of electric shocks, delivered by an e stim machine. This is where Mistress’ experience really shone through as she imperiously took charge. I was tightly strapped down on my back on her rack. The heavy leather straps effectively bound my arms closely to my body so I was totally unable to move. The terminals were attached to my testicles and Mistress stood over me, the control box in her hands. At low levels one wonders if anything is happening, then the little pin prick sensations begin. Gradually they increase in intensity until each one feels as if a pin is entering the flesh. Strangely to relate this is a pleasurable experience and one that I would not have tried had I not encountered this remarkable lady.

The session finished with Mistress standing on my body, tormenting me with her stiletto heels, pushing the slim, elegant heels into my mouth for me to suck. This concluded our session, the hour and a half had flashed by. Once back downstairs we chatted as I drank my coffee before heading off. When I got home a whole day had passed. It was by no means a cheap experience but nevertheless one which I would regard as money extremely well spent, and one that I will undoubtedly repeat in the not too distant future.

My life was spiraling out of control, I had lost respect for myself and I was humbled and relieved that Mistress was indeed in control. Indeed it was soon to be a life changing experience. I had no idea that I would be mentally and emotionally consumed by mistress The delight and glee on mistress was self evident. Her laughter at my pain made me want to please and appreciate her even more. I had to focus and I was reminded to be respectful and thankful for each pull, slap, pinch, twist; mistress deriving great pleasure at my suffering. That was my sole purpose to please, yet I found myself wanting and I held back from asking for more. I had not communicated my hopes and aspirations and now I was regretting it even more.  I feel alive, I feel pain, I feel emotion I am free of my own self imposed, self limiting belief. Mistress has set me upon a journey of self discovery,  I can me my own man. I must face my fear and fight vowing never to give up, mistress has freed me from the abyss of life. I am so honored to serve my mistress, she focused my mind sets me free to express and be me. I was thankful as it was my first session but hopefully not my last. I asked myself had I pleased my mistress, did she delight in my suffering or was I merely a tedious and tiresome bore. Upon leaving I sat quietly wondering if I would ever be allowed to see mistress again.

Thank You

It was our second session practising genital flagellation. Strung on the cross for the last 20 minutes, managing the pain, I sensed something change in the Domina: “This is it” she said. Her expression set. Six times, very fast, the cane hit my genitals…… Hard. I nearly passed out. For an instant, my whole being became Pain itself – I seemed to cease to exist, except for Pain. A split second later, the endorphin rush was so extreme, that I was in ecstasy. Cut down from the cross, I fell at Her feet. I’d never felt anything like it in my life.

Let me tell you, therefore, how I came to find myself on the Domina’s cross – and what you could expect, if you are lucky enough to find yourself in the same situation. I’m making some changes, for the good, in my life. As part of that, I wanted to come back to D/s S/m. I’d done BDSM for many years, even to a quite high level, but I’d given it up in 2006. I hid it from myself; but it gnawed away at my soul. I researched who I might respectfully ask to take me on. I found the Domina’s website. You can plainly see from the Domina’s films and photos that Liza is one of our greatest dominatrixes practicing in the UK today. I took a deep breath to overcome my trepidation to ask to come to see Her. I was honest with Her. She said “Yes”.

BDSM is a lifestyle experience and so we set about making all sorts of positive changes in my life: too many to describe here. Just as examples, she has guided me into dropping 12 + kilos, taking up running, and doing my first 5000 meters in under 30 minutes. I am working better, harder and more confidently than I have for a long time and, under submission, I’m a kinder, nicer, more generous person with other people. I can’t fully explain why D/s with the Domina has been a key part of this process, but it has been.

Now, of course, if you are looking at this testimonial and are someone who is not too serious about BDSM, and just want to have a lot of good humoured fun with someone like the Domina, I think you will have brilliant sessions with Her. No worries. But what if you are someone who’d like to take it a bit more seriously?

If you are mainly submissive rather than masochistic, you have a treat in store. The Domina is a person of integrity, balance, and good humour and is evidently self-disciplined herself. It’s easy to submit to someone you feel is admirable; and it’s easier to impose the same discipline on yourself as you see in Her. I’d echo the devotee who says elsewhere on this site that it would feel just wrong to let the Domina down. The Domina’s concept of submission is the opposite of grinding down – it’s one of clearing out the bad, and building up the good, a sort of “nurturing”, to use Her word. Clearly, it’s a tough nurturing, but you won’t be a loser; you’ll be a winner.

If you are mainly masochistic, rather than submissive, you have quite an experience in store if you met Her. Naked on the Domina’s cross, you have nowhere to hide. I don’t mean from the Domina – I mean from yourself. Liza is an Olympian. Matching rackets with Her, successfully playing a set, and coming away safely is, I’d say, not only great fun for both, but possibly one of Life’s great BDSM experiences, something that will make you know yourself as you rarely have before, building confidence and values. I wouldn’t let fear, or inexperience, put you off and, if you feel you could espouse the values of openness, loyalty, self-commitment, self-giving, courage, self-knowledge, and endurance brought out by Her single tail, martinet, and the cane, I’d go for it. You can be reassured there is a safety net and it has at least four key elements: (1) the Domina won’t take you to a place that you are not strong enough to go to yet, until She’s clear, and sure, that you are ready; (2) the Domina, as I have said, is a person of evident integrity; (3) hygiene and cleanliness are scrupulous; (4) the Domina’s limits mean you won’t be damaged.

Domina Liza is someone who can operate at the highest level of S/m/CP properly and safely possible in Britain. I can’t think of a better person to go to see.


I feel inclined to write up about my recent and very first experience with the Devine and beautiful, Domina Liza. I am an experienced switch, most recently on the handle side of the whip, and have found myself recently regressing back to my first leaning of being a submissive. I have visited other Dommes before, and each time I have done so I have always felt nervous , particularly for the first time, but also afterwards, felt a little underwhelmed. This was frustrating, as I know a good and well handled scene of power exchange should be nothing short of exhilarating. However……I can say that now, having finally visited and submitted to Domina Liza, my faith has been restored and my high level of expectancy was not only met, but in many ways exceeded.
Domina Liza is as experienced and knowledgable, as she is just downright beautiful. Friendly, and with a fantastic home, and nothing short of top knotch levels of equipment, I was very easily sunken into the submissive mindset from the very off. I had given Domina Liza a broad area of my desires and wishes, and before long she had honed in on my weaknesses, saw through me completely, and I was soon melting in many ways under her intoxicating spell. There was never a sense at any time during my experience that I felt unsafe, and despite the things she made me endure, I was willing each time to give so much more! I also tried new things, some of which, I would not have suggested would be in the things I would want to experience, yet I was pushed and loved every, single part of it. Remember, this was our first meeting. I find that incredible and brings nothing but a smile every time I replay it:) For now, I’ve decided life is better on the sharp end of the whip as opposed to the handle, and found my capture ironically liberating.
I should add that at no time was there any pressure on time, her facilities are spotlessly clean and hygienic, I was offered a shower if I wanted it, and a drink afterwards with a chat about the scene and also anything and everything. It’s always frightening for those that drive, that when the mind wanders we sometimes have no idea how we got to to our destination. My drive home was like this! My mind was racing and replaying a wonderful day, and continues to do so.
To not share the above would be a travesty! I will be back, and sooner rather than later to peruse my journey with her ? Life is good again!

In my early sessions with my Mistress I used to find it very funny indeed that she would really beat, whip or cane me so severely that she drew blood, and then offered me a cup of tea! The latter pays real testament to how easily my Mistress can switch from being the strict disciplinarian to a very welcoming, friendly woman who is very easy to spend time with. My Mistress is a true professional. She knows that it is not just about beating people, and has taken the time to understand the psyche that underpins a person with a submissive nature.

As the months went on my relationship with my Mistress began to change. Here was a woman who simply would not back down and every time she got a negative report from my wife or I incurred her displeasure she would really thrash me. I had no choice or say in what the punishment would be or how many strokes that I was to receive. The punishment was meted out and that was that! I didn’t realise at the time, but this type of punishment was the very best for me because I was so out of control that I desperately needed someone to take control. And Domina Liza most definitely took control! She helped me to break down barriers and to be able to trust her enough to tell her my story. To be a person who can be trusted with another person’s life story pays tribute to how safe and secure my Mistress can make you feel. Domina Liza is trustworthy and reliable both physically and emotionally and she is a great listener, and confidant.

The only thing was that once I trusted her the beating really began to hurt, and I began to think twice before I threw a paddy as my Mistress calls it! I also found that disappointing my Mistress was more painful than any hiding she could ever give me. In saying that though I know that if I step out of line my Mistress will beat me. There is real nurturing and security in knowing that I have an authority figure in my life who won’t put up with any nonsense, and I have been a much happier less angry person who is now more able to cope with life apart from the odd blip.

In summing up, I would have to say that my Mistress or Domina Liza for those of you who don’t yet know her, and have to earn the right to call her Mistress has helped me to save my life in every way that a person can help another to save their life. I think a great deal of my Mistress, and I’m not easily impressed! There is nothing that I would not do for her. I can’t imagine not having my Mistress in my life. Simply and with all its complexities Domina Liza is my Mistress, and I am better person because of her influence in my life!

Thank you, Mistress


I just wanted to thank you for a fabulous session yesterday. As a big fan of traditional school roleplay I have been very keen to visit you for a long time; it’s taken a fair while to engineer an overdue visit to Derby, but my word it was worth it; it was everything I had imagined and hoped for – and then some. You were, indeed, the epitome of the strict, beautiful, cane-wielding disciplinarian, resplendent in suit and gown as you meted out punishment to your head boy for newly disclosed misdemeanours from his badly behaved past. I can only agree with your friends who have suggested that your acting skills could grace the West End. The roleplay was absolutely brilliant – taking our loosely agreed plot as a basis for what would happen, and then letting things take a few natural twists and turns. It just flowed; there was never any awkwardness, and I just loved it. I think the level of discipline was probably a notch or two up on what I have experienced before; I can only say that it was amazing, and whilst being bent over to receive a series of sound thrashings I never felt anything other than supremely safe in your skilful and experienced hands. Surprise of the day – that heavy school plimsoll hurts a lot more than I thought it would! You are a wonderfully charming person to chat to out of session, and it was only when I left that I realised how generous you had been with your time. I very much hope there will be a next time – maybe for an appointment with the birch…


After researching Domina Liza extensively I took the plunge and emailed my interests and request for a session. Within 24 hours she had replied agreeing to see me, qualifying her email by confirming she would be more than happy to accommodate my requests, namely extremely harsh verbals throughout the session with strict discipline and punishment concentrating on Cbt, nipple torture and adherence to strict rules.

I went to knock her door at the agreed time only for her to open it before my knuckles reached the door.
There followed what I can only describe as one of the most intense and enlightening hours of my life. Domina Liza took my requests and ran with them, her huge imagination taking over and giving me exactly what I had been searching for in a domme for over a decade.

Believe me this lady is extremely strict , unforgiving and sadistic. Her attire backed up her cruel nature perfectly , and she took great pleasure in reminding me I was only receiving the punishment I had requested , so despite begging for mercy she carried on and pushed my limits and left me fearful yet excited throughout the hours session.

At the end of the session I was offered a shower and then dismissed very coldly, exactly as I had requested.

I will definitely be booking for another session as I am intrigued by how far she will be able to psychologically push me as she is quite obviously a lady with huge intellect and knowledge, as well as being beautiful and keeping herself in peak physical condition. She simply is the epitome of a dominant woman.

I first visited the truly amazing Domina Liza in January 2016 and have had three more 2 hour sessions after that. I am one of the lucky people you can see being ‘dealt with’ on her twitter feed. I would recommend thoroughly reading her website – everything you read about her and her excellent facilities is true and accurate. However, the words and pictures fail to describe quite how wonderful an experience a session with her is. I found that she has an uncanny ability to know exactly what I wanted, even when I didn’t know myself. She is very skilled and professional, I felt very ‘safe’ in her hands whilst at the same time being taken just as far outside of my comfort zone as I wanted. Her pictures do not do her justice, in real life she is absolutely stunning, charming, caring, considerate, sadistic, wicked and cruel. Marvellous – 11 out of 10.

I visited Domina Liza for the first time in early July 2015. I had travelled by train on a journey from Sussex and can confirm the relative ease of access to her establishment from Derby Station. In our pre session interview I found her to be very smart and attractive. She was also personable, approachable and enabled me to relax in a situation I normally find stressful. Having reviewed my previous experience, fantasies and fetishes she was able to accurately determine the kind of session I wanted. I found Domina Liza to be very perceptive in determining my limits which enabled her to take me to the edge of those limits in our subsequent session.

In that session Domina Liza became the very Amazon I so much desired. She was truly awesome, sarcastic, impatient and unreasonable, the very qualities I had requested from this beautiful dominatrix.

Following our session I never felt under any time pressure albeit I did not stay long. I did this to avoid any empathy developing between us as I wish to return and want to experience her Amazon role in future.

As for the session’ WOW! and i am still recovering. We have now had many sessions, and i have always left totally fulfilled, but yesterday seemed to rise to a new level. Not because of the caning and whip – i have had more severe, but the other games and effects which i had never experienced before. The burning of the 42 (clever me!) clips, the amazing trickle and drips from the nipples, and learning to ‘twingle’ were all new to me’ I just loved the ‘refreshment break’, but as for the electrics, that new machine is sooo powerful! In all honesty, that was the first time that i totally lost control of my body, and as you giggled away whilst i thrashed around the floor the sensations were so powerful that i was totally oblivious to the pressure of being suspended in CBT. Now for the nettles – they are an absolute anaesthetic. On my journey back there was an intense tingling, my cock had swollen to twice its thickness, and was totally dead into my testicles just like the face is after a trip to the dentist. This morning it is almost noon, there is still a very slight tingle, the swelling is down, but still 40% of feeling has yet to return.

You are an absolutely brilliant PD Liza, and I am convinced that no lady could better you. I can only describe my session yesterday as ‘awesome’, as you continue to expand my limits. Thank you so much for a fantastic experience!

I visited Miss Liza in June 2015 for the first time, and for her convenience, supplied a list of some activities that I had enjoyed previously.

The whole session was awesome, Miss Liza was very personable during our initial conversations. then switched to the superior lady of my dreams.

The house is beautifully furnished, enhancing even further the elegance and style of Miss Liza.
Miss Liza has the most beautiful feet I have ever worshipped and her demeanour throughout was absolutely all that I could have hoped for.

Finally Miss Liza is able to introduce those elements of surprise that makes any session very very special.

A great three hours and the best session ever.

I decided I needed to visit a dominatrix for a CP session about a month ago, after a ten year gap. A quick web search found Domina Liza’s Web-site, and I was immediately impressed to see in her FAQs that she would accommodate people with health problems and disabilities, provided these were discussed first. I am awaiting a knee replacement, so walk with some difficulty, and have recently had major surgery, so this mattered to me – and I have not seen this mentioned on any other dominatrix’s website. Anyway, a couple of emails later, and I knew she would be happy to see me.

Domina Liza’s website is superb, all the facts are there, with illustrations – what she does, the kit she has, her approximate location, contact details, and information about cost; but there is much more.
There are a lot of short video clips available for purchase, not expensive (but I would not want to buy all 150+ of them). Some of these can be quite scary at first sight, portraying her as a mercilessly cruel and remorseless sadist; until one takes stock, and realises these are her clients who have specifically sought out exactly the service she is providing. When one meets her one realises she is actually a very sympathetic, caring, and cultured woman, who is so understanding she can be the person her clients need her to be. As Hamlet said, “I must be cruel, only to be kind.” Other clips are lighter, and a couple I have seen are almost funny: she has a wonderful way of saying “Oh Dear!” so, so, sympathetically when she has just done something particularly excruciating, followed by her distinctive “Happy Sadist” giggle.

The human side of Domina Liza is most clearly seen in her Twitter feed (@DominaLiza) where we can get little glimpses into her life – certainly to catch tantalising insights into her sessions (In one, for example, we learn, she was wearing hockey kit, and had used four canes, two tawses and various other implements including a bath brush and a wooden shoe horn); but then in other tweets we see the human Liza, taking a walk in the sunshine on Easter Day, talking of her dogs (and mourning one who had died), her horse, her holidays, and the nettles growing in her garden.

I had no difficulty in booking my session, and she was welcoming on the phone. Her house is in a pleasant area, with very easy parking. When I arrived she was fantastic; we had a short pre-session chat, and then set to work. Suffice it to say the pain was exquisite, the endorphin flow was exhilarating, and the total experience was out of this world. She has a wonderful lightness of touch in what she said during my session, but absolutely no lightness of touch in what she did.

When it was over there was time for another chat (not counted as part of the ‘contracted’ time, every minute of which was given over to the business of being merciless). I was able to return to the real world, and experienced some more of her humour, and her sympathetic insight into the scene, in our final chat.

I am already thinking about my next visit.

I have visited many Dommes over the years, but there is only one who has left me thinking, feeling “WOW” both during and after my visit. She has left indelible marks upon my psyche and I wish I could have met Her, and began Her along time ago.

Domina Liza is stunningly attractive in Her pictures and even more so in reality. I had explained my wishes to Her by telephone and email in advance, and we agreed that there would be no introductory chat on my arrival and no safewords. From my teens, I have fantasized about the arrogant, teasing, demanding, unreasonable and sadistic Riding Mistress. Domina Liza assumed this persona absolutely perfectly. I had said that I wanted to be pushed, degraded, humiliated and to be punished for any and all failures to perform for Her. The way She subtly, seamlessly changes from reasonable, charming, respectful and easy going into the completely commanding and superior Riding Mistress of my darkest fantasies is absolutely, chillingly, breathtakingly wonderful.

Having stripped naked before this beautiful Equestrienne, dressed so stylishly in Her riding jacket, jodhpurs and spurred boots, my heart was pounding as She gradually tacked me up, reducing me from the status of a human, to beneath that of a beast. Occasionally She spoke, with Her words, her tone, gradually changing from those of a conversation, through instructions, to mere commands. As She placed a leather hood over my head She ordered me to kneel. Her hands moved my head, adjusted the leather fastenings with no regard for my comfort. I was no longer a person to be respected, just an object to be controlled. Comfort? What a ridiculous thought, I deserved nothing of the sort and got absolutely nothing as a result.

The harnessing for the cart that I would pull was applied in just the same way. The belt around my waist tightened as far as it would go and locked with a padlock. The crupper straps pulled through between my legs were jerked into position and tightened. My hands fastened behind my back, I could only accept my fate. No choices. The Domina then applied a leather 5 gates of hell to my erect cock, small, jingling bells were hung from my belt, dangling either side of my harnessed erection.

She then picked up one of Her whips and announced that She would warm me up a little before taking me out into the riding arena (we were at a large indoor facility, some parts heated, some parts a little cold) so I guess that this was actually for my benefit. The stinging cuts across my naked buttocks certainly warmed them considerably…

What followed will live with me for a very long time.

She fastened me to a cart to drive me round and round the large indoor space. Stinging cuts across my buttocks whenever I slowed, or failed to follow Her instructions precisely. She rode me, on all fours and upright until I was dropping, spurring me on, driving me beyond any imagined tolerance threshold. Safe word? No, and I was wishing that I had one. I hesitated, trying to adjust my knee-protector and immediately Her boots and spurs jabbed into my sides, and the riding crop stung my buttocks.

“How dare you slow down, without my permission, how dare you” She shouted down at the object, the sub-beast beneath Her.

Lunging and dressage. Every failure on my part punished with a whip across my flesh. I tried my hardest, and sometimes the leather hood prevented me from hearing Her commands clearly, but there was no accommodation for that, no mercy, no tolerance. Only punishment. Exactly what I deserved, what I needed.

And then, briefly She allowed me some respite, some rest. But only for a few minutes.

When She returned, She was carrying an internally spiked cock sheath….

She is a truly incredible Goddess, and I am constantly thinking about the next time She will ride me, drive me, train me to painful, sweaty, gasping, aching exhaustion.


As a masochist with some experience, I first attended Domina Liza in early 2012, and have visited every other month since. I can only describe Liza as the ultimate professional, who is totally skilled in her art. She is friendly and welcoming, and her playroom is atmospheric and fully equipped with restraints and implements which always cause anticipation, with a touch of fear on entry. On my several visits Liza has significantly built up my tolerance levels, but on a visit a week ago I endured (read enjoyed) a session which can only be described as a masochists fantasy come true. After a far from gentle warm up of OTK with varying implements, my arms were chained towards the ceiling and I received an all over lengthy whipping from numerous whips and tawses. The last and fiercest whip left deep diagonal stripes across chest and stomach which are now just fading a week later. Liza smilingly described the stripes as a ‘souvenir’ before strapping me to her whipping bench, and tightly securing arms, legs, and body, whilst hooded and blindfolded. What followed was almost indescribable. Liza attached electrodes to my most valuable parts, and switched on the electric to a high level, causing the shocks to burn and course through me with no escape. She then took various different canes, switches, tawses and whips, and struck 12 strokes with each, every one a different sensation, and all whilst the electricity continued to rage. I truly never knew that my body contained so many nerve ends, and at the end was left totally drained and satiated. Liza has considerable strength, and does not hold back when inflicting her punishments. I can only end as I began – the ultimate professional!

After studying her website for sometime I finally booked a session with Domina Liza – Her detached residence was very easy to find in South Derby just near the A50 and parking was also safe and plentiful. I arrived on time and she met me discretely at her door. A vision of loveliness dressed in skin tight black leather and high boots, her hair and makeup were perfect. She sat me in her lounge where we discussed the session before I was lead to her dungeon upstairs. This was perfectly clean, spacious and well laid out. I had requested an interrogation and she certainly did that for me. After ordering me to strip I was tightly secured before I was whipped, had pegs fixed to me, hot wax applied, electrics, breath play and more. She took me to my limits which surprised me as she is slightly built, but she instinctively knew where to draw the line. She is a beautiful and sadistic Mistress with real class, very easy to get on with and her face and personality are lovely. She also has a perfect slim figure on which she can “carry off” her fetish attire. I have to see her again.

Domina Liza,

I just wanted to say thank you for our session on Saturday. For my first experience of corporal punishment, it was everything I had dreamt of and more. Going home on the train my bottom didn’t seem to hurt too much, but by the time I got home it felt like it was on fire, and even today at work, every time I sat down I have had a painful reminder of the discipline you gave me. In character, you were as strict and dominating as I had hoped you would be, and out of character, your relaxed and caring attitude really put me at ease and helped me get the most from the experience. Thank you for making it such a perfect and memorable experience.

Respectfully Yours,

Dear Domina Liza,

I Thank You for being who You are – not only a beautiful lady but also a skilled and Professional Dominatrix and Disciplinarian with a wonderful collection of CP implements. I have been visiting Dominatrix on a regular basis for over 25 years and You certainly are one of the best. Your chambers are first class and You are always stunning in Your attire.

We have sessioned now four times and each time has been at just the right level. You take the trouble to listen and then say the right things; to chastise me as I needed. And this session was the sound thrashing I needed, expertly delivered. One of the thrashings of my life and I respect You for administering it, You are very skilled with the cane. I shall remember it for a long time, from how You made me go over Your knee, You cracking Your single tail whip (what an amazing and scary sound) and how You mercilessly caned me.

I often long to worship You, but at the same time fear the strokes of Your dragon cane.

I wish You many more years punishing men like me and look forward to seeing You again.

With the greatest respect and best wishes,

Today’s session was the highlight of my experiences within BDSM, and a most wonderful life experience.

From the first time I saw you on your web site, to the first telephone call and finally meeting you I felt reassured, nervous (in a good way!) and in safe hands.

Your immediate understanding of my personal wishes and needs within a session meant that I could feel free to let the experience consume me and so it did.

Thank you so much, and I look forward to seeing you again soon,

Domina Liza, I wanted to send an email to thank you so much for today’s session. It was a wonderfully intense experience provided by a someone whom pairs a natural grace, elegance and poise with a stunning grasp of both the submissive mind and an innate commanding self-possession. I have been left feeling much more in-tune with myself – and my rather tender nipples have served as very good reminder of your expert treatment of me. I am stunned to think just this morning you read me so well that you not only had me performing my own nipple torture, but also sucking hungrily on your strap-on – the first time I have ever done so. Thank you – you have reminded me of what I have been missing all these recent years and it feels good to have liberated that part of myself that has been dormant so long.

Thankyou so much for the session today – it was truly amazing!

I found the whole experience quite emotional – akin to the feeling during and after watching a performance at the theatre where you become so wrapped up in what is going on that you experience real emotions and are left both drained and elated – that’s how I felt today, so thankyou.

I expected you to be skilled with your punishments, but your role play was at another level for me – as I mentioned, I really did feel like a naughty nephew / pupil who was in a whole lot of trouble, and I really did feel quite upset during the headmistress role play as you were telling me off, because you were so realistic. You used all the right words and phrases that work for me in both role plays, and kept them both different, and I really did appreciate the trouble you went to with your preparation.

The severity was spot on as well – I felt pushed, but within my limits (just about), and I have a nice redness, a bit of an ache now, and some visible stripes that will be gone in a couple of days. I know it’s hard to judge in a first session, but I felt properly punished, with just enough of a feeling that I could have taken more (not during, but after), and I think that’s the right level for this type of session.

I hope I can get to see you again soon. Although you’re quite far away, I will definitely make the effort now that I’ve found you. I’ve only visited a few mistresses more than once, as I’m forever searching for the perfect mistress for strict school and domestic discipline, and as a perfectionist, there’s always something I feel could be improved on, no matter how good the session. I realised during the session today that my search was over.

Thank you again.

I approached the day with some trepidation but I was made me feel at ease from 1st email contact, through the confirmation phone call and finally meeting me at the front door. The premises are lovely, Domina Liza is every bit as beautiful as the photo’s on her site and also a wonderful person to meet. After an initial discussion I was shown into the chamber which is very well equipped, light and inviting. Having never visited a professional before I must say that the exchange of ideas and the way the session developed took me by complete surprise (well there were a lot of surprises). I hadn’t expected to enjoy myself quite as much as I did and I haven’t stopped smiling since the session ended two hours later. At no time did the session feel rushed and there was time for a coffee and chat afterwards. If you are looking for a Domina for your 1st session then I cannot reccomend Domina Liza highly enough. I look forward to being granted a further session in the future.

After some initial correspondence I had been granted the opportunity to visit Domina Liza. Her premises are in a residential area, very easy to find with easy free parking. After being greeted at the front door and welcomed inside, we had a brief chat about the session. Even at that point I was succumbing to the Dominas` power; Liza is a striking example of English beauty, with a powerful presence and a clear, articulate and very commanding voice. My own personal preferences were for a sensual session, close contact and lots of nipple torture. My expectations were exceeded. Mistress Liza is clearly an expert in Her profession, effortlessly moving through the session, always commanding control and respect, while also being very approachable. The play area was spotlessly clean, tidy and organised; the equipment was of the highest standard, testimony to the professionalism of this Mistress.

Mistress Liza has a demeanour and persona that is easy to trust in, and so easy to submit to. I guess some women are just born to dominate, and Liza is certainly a prime example of such. For me this was a wonderful session and one to remember, I certainly do hope to return. My sincere thanks Mistress Liza for such a memorable session!

Dear Domina Liza,

Just a quick note to say thank you very much for allowing me to come and see you on Tuesday, and for your multiple kindnesses. If I say that I feel very privileged now to have spent time with you, this may give some idea of how much your control affected me. I felt pushed, not only physically, but also emotionally. Your poise and firmness seemed to melt me down into their opposites, until I found myself really wanting to submit in order to please you, and not just myself. The next day I kept giggling to myself at odd moments, which hasn’t happened for quite a while.

You have certainly captured my imagination!

Warm regards

Most Superior Domina Liza,

Just a few words to thank you for a really great session on Friday.

After a long journey back, which gave me plenty of time for reflection, my comment that it was one of the best sessions I had experienced in my 25+ years in BDSM was absolutely correct.

You had not only read my email but you had digested its content fully. I had indicated that a sense of intimidation was important and your quiet and commanding voice with its hint of menace was perfect. Visually you were STUNNING in your leather and the heels of your boots were magnificent. The equipment was of the highest calibre and the activities and the use of the blindfold were perfectly executed. There was no point where the session could be considered anything less than the tops.

Thank you once again and I look forward to our paths crossing in the future – I will be looking for any excuse that would result in a journey north and an opportunity for another memorable session.

Your humble servant,

Please accept my deepest thanks for today’s session. To be welcomed into such a lovely home by such a stunning Lady was the start of a perfect day. Moving up to your chambers, I found your warmth and understanding matched in equal measure by your skill, tenacity and sadistic nature. Add to that your safe guidance of me through some things which I have never tried, and the unhurried nature of proceedings – I simply could not ask for more.

Once again, thank you.

My Dear Mistress Liza

I thought I would just drop you a line to say a BIG thank you for today. As I explained it has been a while since my last session and wasn’t sure how things would go. You were simply fantastic! You look far better in real life, a true beauty if I may say and I truly mean that I am not just saying for effect. You put me at ease straight away although sitting there and you looking the way you did was a little surreal. Your laughter was very infectious I really enjoyed our bouts of giggling, you have a lovely laugh.

The session was just what I wanted, very sensual but when the time called for it very severe. I loved the whipping experience it was exactly what I wanted. I LOVED it when you gagged me and proceeded to whip me especially the last six, I so wanted it to stop but so wanted you to carry on!! have some lovely marks by the way. Your voice will haunt me for a long time, very, very sexy if I may be so bold.

Simply, dear Mistress, you are a true Lady in every respect of the meaning and word.

i am, as always, yours.

Dear Liza,
How deceptive your smile can be.. As a true devotee of CP, I can honestly say that such vicious skill and control would shake the boots of a man twice my size! To take that kind of punishment yet feel entirely safe is something I wish to repeat as often as my limits allow.

Dear Domina Liza.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you the other night.

I can honestly say although I had seen your photos on your website, you were even more beautiful in real life, your hair style and your make up perfect, and the clothing you wore was a sight for sore eyes as I walked through your door.

My nervousness was soon put to ease as soon as you started talking before the session.

I don’t think the session could have been much better for the first meeting, my nipples are still smarting and given the chance I would love to session again with you.

Dear Mistress,

Just a quick note to let you know that I had a safe journey back home… My time with you yesterday ranks alongside the handful of sessions I have had with a very small number of Mistresses that left me captivated, spellbound, and immensely satisfied. As I said yesterday, from the initial glance at your web-site, to the very pleasant first telephone call, then to the delicious anticipation of meeting you in person… Each step has been part of a pleasant little journey that ended at your feet…….. Where the reality of the power you possess, far exceeded my dreams. My long trip home would normally have been eased with some music….. Words and songs that come from deep in the heart of artists I have known and loved for years………..but on this occasion, complete silence for nearly three hours. My companions last night, were vivid memories of you towering above me. The tender, considerate, sensual nature of your actions………. These memories will stay with me for eternity……. I cannot wait to be at your feet once more…….. To add more memories to them!

My cheeks thank you for their healthy glow.
My nipples thank you for their tenderness.
And I thank you for the domination, applied with the touch that always leaves me wanting to come back for more.

your slave

Just a quick memo to let you know I got home safely and to reiterate the fact that I had a wonderful afternoon in your company. I never did properly thank you for introducing me to the world of spanking (amongst other things)! I think we can safely say that I have well and truly joined the ranks of your devotees and I should, with your consent of course, like to visit you again in the very near future.

Dear Mistress,
Just to say that what I have experienced with you has made so much difference to me.

Without you, I would never have taken such a step and had my eyes opened in such a wonderful way. The way you took my thoughts and ideas and made them real with confidence and reassurance is a blessing. I am now so comfortable with my feelings and needs, and glad to know that I can be understood by someone such as you. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

You are honest, kind, stylish, respectful, elegant, graceful and ladylike, beautiful, extremely intelligent, creative, deliciously kinky and gloriously sadistic. Though some have come close, this collection of attributes is, in my limited experience, completely unique. You have my deepest thanks for getting everything so right.

Dear Mistress
Thank you so much for my training. I am not sure I can put into words exactly how this feels to me. However when you collar me I feel that I am where I should be, that I am safe in your hands, that you know how to make best use of me for your satisfaction and for my continuing development as your slave.

Dear Mistress,
Just to let you know that I managed to concentrate on driving safely on the way back but that nonetheless my head is full of delicious images of being your slave

Thank you. You were even more striking than your photographs and I thoroughly enjoyed my time submitting to you. I have a deliciously red bottom and the marks from the cane are easy to see.

Most of all, I hope that you enjoyed having me as your slave and I hope to be on my knees before you again sooner rather than later. Thank you for making me perfectly safe and also leaving me breathless too obediently yours

Mistress Liza,
Thank you so much for allowing me to visit you. It has taken me a long time (Nearly 10 years!) to work up the courage to take a step such as this. Thank you for guiding me through it and making my first experience such a memorable one.